Basically, branding means the promotion of a particular product or service… A brand is identified by special identifiers like term, symbol, logo. Branding is the process of creating a very good impact on the client’s mind emotionally. Branding is very important for the newly launched product or service in the market.

Following are the main aspects:

  1. BRAND NAME: Brand name is a more important factor in branding because without name product or service has no value and also we can’t identify. Brand name should be impressive and short so we can easily remember.
  • BRAND LOGO: Logo represents the brand in the short term or symbolic representation.
  • BRAND IDENTITY: Brand identity describes your product or service in detail. Brand identity is defined by brand name, brand logo, brand color and these all factors makes it unique to your brand.
  • BRAND CREDIBILITY: Brand credibility means brand reputation and brand value also prospective of the clients towards the company. Brand credibility depends upon the customer’s trust.
  • BRAND TRUST: Brand trust is very important in branding because customers trust plays a very important role. If your brand trust is low then your product or service becomes affected. So it directly impacts on your business.


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